How to free some space on a volume to quiesce a snapmirror (to delete it) ?

Hello, i'm having some trouble freeing space on a FAS2220 Volume.

I've got two FAS2220 which are snapmirroring / snapvaulting their data on the filerB of the other FAS2220.

All start by a broken lrep (replication destination failed to load the offset into the directory metadata) from a snapmirror baseline.

So i start deleting the failed qtree (snapmirror quiesce > snapmirror break > and finality deletion of the qtree).

All works great on the FAS2220 "A".

But on the FAS2220 "B" :

-I can't quiesce qtree volume because I don't get enough free space on my volume.

-I cant delete a snapshot because it seems busy/lock with snapmirror

-I dont get anymore freespace on the FAS2220 to growth my volume.

Any idea ?

Re: How to free some space on a volume to quiesce a snapmirror (to delete it) ?

snap list [volume name]

output:  (for instance)

%/used  %/total  date          name

  ----------  ----------  ------------  --------

  25% ( 1%)    8% (0%)  Feb 28 02:37  Daily.23 

  31% (11%)   12% ( 3%)  Feb 12 02:37 Daily.28 (busy,LUNs)

  36% (10%)   14% (3%)  Feb 04 02:13  monthly.FB032008

lun snap usage -s [vol name] [busy snapshot name]

Snapshot - Daily.7

Snapshot - MR162008

Snapshot - Daily.8

Snapshot - Daily.9

this is an example of how it could be, however you have to delete all listed snapshots

snap delete -V [volume name] [snapshot name]

PS:  you might set vol options snap reserve [vol name] a bit less, for instance 10% instead of default 20 (if it set) it gives you a bit of "breathing" space on volume

worked for me hope it helps

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