How to "ndmpd debug" with ONTAP 8.1 7-mode

Hi Community,

I know of the good old "ndmpd debug" command (to gather logs for debugging with backup software).

Under 8.0.x it was:

ndmpd debug 50

and started gathering logs to /etc/log.

Under 8.1 it says:

nearstore> ndmpd debug

This command has been disabled.

To enable debug log, use the following options:



When I do:

options ndmpd.debug.enable on

options ndmpd.debug.filter 50

It does not comlpain, but also does not generate any debug logs...

I cannot find any documentation about "ndmpd.debug.filter" option. Can someone please comment on how to use it?



How to "ndmpd debug" with ONTAP 8.1 7-mode

Found it out (with a little help of NGS):

options ndmpd.debug

ndmpd.debug.enable          on        

ndmpd.debug.filter              all

This creates "all" debug logs in the following location (different from ONTAP 8.0 and below): /etc/log/mlog/ndmpd.log

For those interested, these are the valid settings for the "ndmpd.debug.filter" Option (not yet officially documented):


This option controls the NDMPD modules for debug logging is to be enabled.

It can take five values : all, none, normal, backend and filter.


all : turns on debug logging for all the modules.

none : disables debug logging for all the modules. It is equivalent to ndmpd.debug.enable option being set to off.

normal : is a short cut option that enables debug logging for all the modules except verbose and io_loop.

backend : is a short cut option that enables debug logging for all the modules except verbose, io_loop, ndmps and ndmpd.

filter : is a combination of one or more modules for which debug logs needs to be enabled. Multiple module names can be combined using following operators:

- to remove the given module from the list of specified modules in the filter string. ^ to add the given module or modules to the list of modules specified in the filter string.

The possible module names and a brief description is given below:


| modules    | description                           |


| verbose     | verbose message                |

| io               | I/O process loop                   |

| io_loop      | I/O process loop verbose messages   |

| ndmps       | NDMP service                        |

| ndmpp       | NDMP Protocol                       |

| rpc             | General RPC service                 |

| fdc_rpc      | RPC to FC driver service            |

| auth         | Authentication                      |

| mover        | NDMP MOVER (tape I/O)               |

| data         | NDMP DATA (backup/restore)          |

| scsi         | NDMP SCSI (robot/tape ops)          |

| bkup_rpc     | RPC to Backup service client        |

| bkup_rpc_s   | RPC to Backup service server        |

| cleaner      | Backup/Mover session cleaner        |

| reconf       | Debug configure/reconfigure         |

| dblade       | Dblade specific messages            |

| timer        | NDMP server timeout messages        |

| vldb         | VLDB service                        |

| vol          | VOL OPS service                     |

| sv           | SnapVault NDMP extension            |

| common       | NDMP common state                   |

| ext          | NDMP extensions                     |

| sm           | SnapMirror NDMP extension           |

| ndmprpc      | NDMP Mhost RPC server               |