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How to remove VLAN from ipspace ??

Was creating  ipspace from CLI and due to typo error physical NIC details got added to ipspace .Can i remove/modify the physical NIC details added to ipspace?


Re: How to remove VLAN from ipspace ??

Hi Hemanth - You should be able to reassign the NIC with the ipspace assign command. Reassign to the default ipspace, as long as no vFilers and IP's have been setup and configured. If you have just started creating the config, it might be easier to just delete the ipspace and start again.

ipspace assign ipspacename interface-list


Re: How to remove VLAN from ipspace ??

Hi Martin....Thanks for your response.

But this is Interface group(trunk) vif-data10G and has many VIF connected to it... Currently  this VLAN is not assigned to default ipspace.. If i assign the VLAN to default ipspace will their be any impact on the existing VIF??

ipspace details

ipspace-XXXX        (vif-data10G vif-data10-1504)


Re: How to remove VLAN from ipspace ??

if the VLAN assigned to the ifgrp has no IP address set, then you can remove it. You wont be able to remove a VLAN with an IP address set.

What is the output of the command: ifgrp status vif-data10G

You have moved the ifgrp vif-data10G from default to the new space? Have you set an IP on this VLAN ? vif-data10-1504