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How to use NetApp Snapshots

Hey Guys,

By mistake Some files got deleted from a LUN. But I have taken the snapshots for that volume.

Could anyone tell me how to get those deleted files using snapshots...




Re: How to use NetApp Snapshots

Dear Kunal,

Go to the snapshot folder (\\file_nae\Vol_name\.snapshot) and open one of the snapshots from which you need to restore the data.

Once yo go to the path, you just need to copy and paste the file in the original location.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Bhanoji Rao.

Re: How to use NetApp Snapshots


Create a flexclone or LUN clone from a snapshot that you know had the files before the deletion. Then present this to another SAN attached host, once the volume is detected copy the files out and back to their original location. Unmap the flexclone/LUN clone and then remove it.



Re: How to use NetApp Snapshots

Hello Rao,

Could you please elaborate me on this. I mean wher to find this snapshot folder.

I have connected my Netapp to FC SAN storage.

I tried to give snap restore command but nothing worked out.

When I checked the server to which I have mapped the LUN in which I have stored that file is not there after restoring the snapshot.