How to use NetApp Storage System Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager

So I'm trying to install the Netapp Plugin for OEM13cR2. I am following the install guide and have successfully imported the plugin into OEM. I then proceed to deploy the plugin to the management server and that succeeds. Now it says to deploy the plugin the the management agent...Here is where I am stuck. Which management agent do I deploy it to?? I have the agents installed on my existing oracle database servers and tried to deploy it to these agents (it succeeds) but then I dont' see any of the new target types (Netapp) when I try to add target manually. I also tried to deploy the plugin to the agent residing on the same server as the management server and that also doesn't do anything.


Something tells me I need to install the agent on the actual Netapp Controller but I don't think this is possible? How does the plugin communicate with the actual Netapp system? Any help would be appreciated.