How will quotas and changes to Exchange affect NetApp

     I'm going to implement some changes in Exchange and would like to hear any suggestion on other things I can do to minimize issues.


     Exchange 2007 Sp2 with CCR and SCR (approx 5000 mailboxes)


     My biggest concern is the SnapShots will grow too fast and run out of space. Please let me know if you see anything else I should be concerned with and if my suggestions make sense.


     Here are the changes we are going to implement.

     1) Delete all emails that are older than 90 days in sent and inbox and sub-folder

     2) Delete all email in deleted (trash) folder older then 48 hours

     3) Enable Quotas - set at storage group level not global policy

a.       24 Storage Groups with 1GB limit

b.      4 Storage Groups with  2GB limit

c.       2 Storage Groups with 4GB limit

d.      8 Storage Groups not configured no mailboxes

Current SnapShot configuration (verification on the daily.)

     1) Hourly - 3 times a day keep 5

     2) Daily - 1 a day keep 5

     Here is what I was thinking.

     1) Changing Logging to circular logging for the first 24 hours (or as long as it takes to apply changes)

     2) Monitor SnapShots and delete older snapshots as we run out of space on the log LUNs

     3) Change deleted folder retention to 24 hour



Re: How will quotas and changes to Exchange affect NetApp

Not enough information about how big the aggregates/volumes are in your environment.  nor did you supply change rate information.

also, circular logging is bad in an SME environment.  one of the things SME does by default is disable circular logging. here is the quote out of the Admins guide.

"The wizard disables circular logging for all mailbox databases and Storage Groups that are moved to
a LUN, to enable up-to-the-minute restoring of those Storage Groups and mailbox databases."

be carefule of just deleting snapshots.  if SME took a backup and has an associated snapshot (snapinfo) and you delete it.  SME will be confused.  it doesn't know the snapshot is gone.  always use SME to delete SME related data.