I'm not a Linux expert, how do I get dvadmin installed?

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We have been attempting to instal the data ontap edge product and observed two things:

1) The videos posted do not seem to match the state of the product.  It apparently has to be deployed with a tool called "dvadmin" instead of directly on VMware as shown in the installation video.

2) You have to be a Linux expert to be able to do the installation of the dvadmin tool.  There are a lot of dependencies on all the packages that must be installed and it is not clear whether we have the right packages or not.


Has anyone pulled together a complete set of Linux distribution and RPM packages that can be used to deploy the "dvadmin" Linux instance?

Re: I'm not a Linux expert, how do I get dvadmin installed?

Hi Steve,

What Linux distro have you chosen?  We support ...

• openSUSE Linux version 11.1, 64-bit

• Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.6 or 6.0, 32-bit

Installing dvadmin itself usually isn't the difficult step with regard to dependencies.  The more difficult piece to install is the VMware SDK.  Depending on the Linux distro you are using, I suggest following the exact steps that VMware lays out here:

After the SDK is installed, you can satisfy the dvadmin dependencies by installing the packages specified in the Data ONTAP Edge Install Guide.

For SuSE, that involves running this command:

sudo zypper install perl-TermReadLine-Gnu perl-MIME-Lite perl-TimeDate perl-URI perl-libwww-perl

For RHEL, the install is less succinct:

Use the following steps to install these modules on Red Hat:

1. The perl-URI and perl-libwww-perl packages are installed as part of RHEL.

2. The perl-TimeDate package can be installed using yum.

3. The remaining packages (perl-Term-ReadLine-Gnu, perl-Net-OpenSSH, perl-IO-Pty, and

perl-MIME-Lite) must be installed from .rpm files - you can locate them using a web service

such as

Please let us know if you have any specific questions.

Re: I'm not a Linux expert, how do I get dvadmin installed?

I spent all last Saturday getting DVAdmin installed. (I'm a Linux N00B)

I used centos 6.3 x86 (Yes not officially supported, but RHE is not free, and SUSE 11.1 is very old)

The difficult part was getting all the prerequisites (Linux packages) installed.  The Data ONTAP Edge 8.1 Installation and Administration Guide lists these all.

Google was my friend getting everything fully installed.

Yes, its not as simple a process as we would expect, but I guess the Edge is a very new product, and overtime it will improve (Hopefully become a OVA package)

Re: I'm not a Linux expert, how do I get dvadmin installed?

Hopefully we wil get a OVA package Immediately. It is to complicated to deploy such a Linux VM!!

Re: I'm not a Linux expert, how do I get dvadmin installed?

Hello Steve,

I'm not sure whether you use Lab on Demands (LoD) but there is a new ONTAP Edge Installation lab uploaded from Insight 2012 (Insight 2012 CR-1-579 Data ONTAP Edge - Insight 2012 Hands-On Lab Data ONTAP Edge). I went through this at Insight and it was pretty decent and gave me a great understanding of the installion process.

If your not already registered, go to and registered or log in and book the session

I hope this helps,