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IP Failover/Migrate in Active/Active setup ?

HI All,

At the moment I have an Active/Active setup  with two filers and four shelves.

The configuration at the moment is that every filer has his own 2 shelves on the a0 controller and looped to the 0c controller of the other filer so both know these storage shelfs exist.

Now this is not 100% ideal I'm discovering as I need the following while I'm testing:

- Filer 01 holds it's own shelves and Filer 02 also.

- Filer 02 will have a Sync Copy in some way of the shelves that are on Filer 01.

- Filer 02 can take over the IP's of Filer 01 when Filer 01 goes offline in some way.

- Filer 02 will see all shelves when Filer 01 goes down.

I have the feeling that some things are not possible here in my lineup as a outage of Filer 01 will always get a disconnect in some way.

The other idea is that Filer 02 still has the "Sync Shelves" attached but also has access to the same aggregates or volumes as Filer 01 has. In that case I can do a Failover using "loadbalancing" in a 40% - 40% (20% overhead when one falls away) way and have half of the servers connected to Filer 01 and Half of the servers connected Filer 02.

I have seperate "Synced" Shelves that are not used for accesable data, but only for local backup and also have a active/active failover that is also loadbalanced too.

Would this be possible ? Or maybe something else ?


Re: IP Failover/Migrate in Active/Active setup ?

Aggregate is dedicated to one filer. Concurrent access from both filers in HA pair to the same aggregate is impossible.

Re: IP Failover/Migrate in Active/Active setup ?

Understood, I already thought this was impossible. When I know what is impossible I can look for the alternatives.

What I think is strange that the most examples I fund are active/active setups, but nothing about IP-takeover with this.

That is my concern actually, or share load and have redundancy that way or be shure we have a IP-takeover.