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ISV (McKesson) only supports Brand X, Y storage, not NetApp; what to do?


Has anyone provided storage for the healthcare applications from vendor McKesson using NetApp?


McKesson supports storage from Vendor X and Vendor Y but not from NetApp.


I have not been involved previously with providing storage for an app that only supports certain vendors. SAP for example specifically does not certify storage and Oracle discontinued their storage compatibility program a while ago. McKesson sells turn-key solutions to healthcare providers which apparently is the reason for only allowing certain vendors.


Funny, this posting for a job at McKesson for a UNIX and NetApp admin is a clue that at least some part of the company uses NetApp products internally.




Re: ISV (McKesson) only supports Brand X, Y storage, not NetApp; what to do?


Netapp has a great healthcare practice and we have tested both with Mckesson EMR and imaging applications.  Most of the ISVs now have a relationship with us.  We have made serious investments in healthcare over the last 18 months.  Even before Mckesson started selling Netapp we had customers running Mckesson on Netapp both Netapp FAS and Netapp Storage Grid.  If I can help you in anyway feel free to drop me a line.

Kurt Greening

Sr. Manager, Healthcare