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Ifgroup Trunk Configuration


I have a customer who is a SP and require multiple Vlans for there NAS requirements. i.e they use seperate VLAN's for each customer to access CIFS/NFS.

The configuration I had in mind was for each head in a HA pair to create an IFgroup which supported Cisco trunking dot1q?

I plan to configure IFGroups for SnapMirror and SnapVault using LACP to provide Dynamic fault tolerance and load balancing as they will be connected via a port channel using a single VLAN.

What configuration would I have to adopt to allow multiple VLANS to service NAS for their different customers? also is it posible to provide load balacing for trunked ports?

Many Thanks



Re: Ifgroup Trunk Configuration

Hey Austin,

Check out this document

If you still have questions after reading through this let me know.

I would create an ifgrp for NFS and tag all the vlans

Here is an example of what the RC file would look like,

hostname test

ifgrp create lacp NFS -b ip e1a e1b

vlan create NFS 11 106

ifconfig NFS-11 netmask partner NFS-02-11 mtusize 1500

ifconfig NFS-106 netmask partner NFS-02-106 mtusize 1500

ifconfig NFS-106 alias netmask partner NFS-02-106 mtusize 1500

route add default

routed on

options dns.domainname test.local

options dns.enable on

options nis.enable off


Also, how many Ethernet ports are we working with?

Re: Ifgroup Trunk Configuration

Hi Thanks for your quick response,

At present we have 2 ports per head for NAS but will plan for the expansion of this in the future. From what you have sent me this is perfect! Thanks for this, it expains what I had already envisaged.


Re: Ifgroup Trunk Configuration