Implementation services

I'm in the process of evaluating some RFP responses. One vendor has not quoted implementation services yet another one has included them. I'm trying to estimate the value of these services.

For a new NetApp implementation with about 150TB of storage and with Operations Manager, iSCSI, CIFS, NFS, SnapRestore, Flexclone, SnapMirror, SnapManager (both SQL and Oracle), and MultiStore, how long would a typical NetApp Professional Services engagement be?



Re: Implementation services

That's very difficult to answer; because it's depending on the knowledge and involvement of the customer in the implementation fase and also depending on the complexity of the environment.

I can give you only my vision. But because your local situation is probably completly different, my answer is not very usefull

Option 1:

If you want to handle the complete operations after the installation, than I would focus on knowledge transfer from SE to you/your storage admin's: do the setup together, do the setup of one snapmirror relation, one SQL server, one multistore, ... and then try to do the rest by your self, with some support days afterwards where you can discuss the problems that you have seen.

In that scenario, you don't need much days and I think you can do this with +/- 10 days (include the education part).

Option 2: If you just want the lights are burning, than you just need a few days (I do it for you in 1 day )

Option 3: If you want to go to Hawaii when they install everything, than you need of course more days (and you have missed a great opportunity to learn the new technology). Without knowing your exact situations (how many SQL's, versions of Oracle, ...) this is not possible to answer.

But I'm a customer, so probably a SE will have a complete other idea.

I hope this will help you?