Import of SnapVault-relationships

Hi all,

we have som trouble importing manually created snapvault relationships into the Protection Manager. We have craeted an empty dataset with a protection-policy. OnTap version (primary) / (secondary), DFM version 2.2

When we have created some relationships most of them won't appear under "Unprotected data"->"External relationsships" in the Protection Manager - is there a way to force them in?



Re: Import of SnapVault-relationships

I've just gone through some of this with NetApp support.

Are the primary paths that are not showing up in DFM non-qtrees? If they are, the snapvault path needs to be /vol/volname/- in order for DFM to recognize them.

It's kind of difficult to describe here, but you can correct this on the secondary by running:

   snapvault modify -S <pri_filer>:/vol/volname/- /vol/volname/qtree


   snapvault start -r /vol/volname/qtree

You'll then need to remove the old snapvault relationships on the primary (the ones without the /-)

   snapvault release /vol/volname <sec_filer>:/vol/volname/qtree

Hope this helps some.