Index Searching for 500GB of CIFS workload in FAS3640

I have a FAS3640 storage and have some 10 users accessing a 500GB of CIFS workload. I want to create a index at storage level for 500GB of data to make search faster. I understand that NETapp storage supports indexing at the client level and not at the storage level. Is there any scripts available for indexing or do i need to have a indexing server (a windows storage server) for faster index search.

If any scripts available, please share

Re: Index Searching for 500GB of CIFS workload in FAS3640

Hi Varun,

I'm not aware of any way for the NetApp system to provide the index.  It does provide an API called SnapDiff that can be used by 3rd party software to discover files on a volume and changes to them between snapshots.  So a software could use this API to efficiency discover the files on a volume, and update it's index to capture changes to those files.  NetApp provides a software that does this that is targeted specifically at finding files to restore from snapshots called File Search and Restore (FSR):  It's not exactly what you're looking for but I thought I'd mention.  There might be some 3rd party software out there that does what you want but I'm not aware of it.


Chris Madden

Storage Architect, NetApp EMEA

Re: Index Searching for 500GB of CIFS workload in FAS3640

I'm also not aware of a file-indexing solution that's provided by NetApp.  I did just see a demo of the Syncsort ECX product that will index file names and locations, but not the contents of the files.  The Syncsort rep did mention using the NetApp API.

Building a file content index for something similar to a Google search is an entirely different problem.  Usually built into a SharePoint solution using FAST or SharePoint 2013.

Also, I'm not an employee or have any affiliation to Syncsort.

Best of luck,

Mark O'Pella

Systems Architect

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