Installing OSSV basics


Hey folks,

I am attempting to install ossv 3.1 on a win2k8 r2 machine. I have ndmpd setup on my v6210 and installing the software on the windows box mentioned. I come to a screen where it says Netapphost agent is not found on this system. run this utiliity after installed the software:

So I open up a command window and go to the directory where this .exe file is located. I ran this executable "installHostagentPlugins.exe" file. C:\Program Files\netapp\snapvault\manageability>installhostagentplugins.exe


OSSV is installed at C:/Program Files/netapp/snapvault

NetApp Host Agent is not found on this system. Run this utility after installing

the software.

Please advise.. also any other hints and tips to get this goign would be greatly appreciated. The TR docs seem worthless to me at this point.

Installing OSSV basics


first, NHA (NetApp Host Agent) is not needed for OSSV to work. Just install / configure OSSV, and start the snapvault backups OR  if you are using Protection Manager (Ops Mgr. product suite), then, it can co-ordinate backups for backup schedule, retention, recovery....

Now, specific to your query reagarding why NHA is causing grief as it is, you may want to open a case with GSC to see what the problem is as I haven;t seen this behaviour OR shoot us some further logs, like events, etc..