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Installing new 8.1.2 C-mode image


I have an  FAS2040 running DOT 8.1 7-mode. I'm going to wipe it out completely (data migration is not important for my project) and install 8.1 C-mode on it.

I've downloaded 812P1_e_image.tgz and have run "software update" and it appeared to simply install DOT 8.1.2 7-mode on the controller. I rebooted, and entered the Boot Menu, and reinitialized the disks (option 4), but once again, it came back up on 7-mode by default. I was expecting to be prompted for 7-mode or C-mode during the setup, but this did not happen.

What am I missing here? I have not been able to locate any documents or forum threads on how to install the C-mode software image. All comments, tips and insight on the process are very welcome here. Thanks!

Re: Installing new 8.1.2 C-mode image

Are you going to be using the 2040 for test purposes?

You can convert an existing 7-mode system to c-mode by following the steps in this KB article:

You will also need to keep licensing in mind.

Re: Installing new 8.1.2 C-mode image

Yes, our old FAS2040 is only for testing - hence our best candidate to try out C-mode.

Thanks a bunch for the link to the KB. I missed it while reading through the KB listings under C-mode. I'm going through it now... will know in a few hours once all the zeroing is done!

Re: Installing new 8.1.2 C-mode image

Not a problem, reply back when you are done with the conversion. I also have a 2040 I use for testing that I was thinking of converting to C-Mode.


Re: Installing new 8.1.2 C-mode image

C-mode successfully installed on the FAS2040. Moving on to configuration. Dan - let me know if you want details, I have captured most of my installation steps.

Re: Installing new 8.1.2 C-mode image

The details would be great, feel free to PM them to me. Thanks!