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Hi ,

I have 2 interfaces :e0a ( data transfering speed :100Mb/s) and vif1 (1000Mb/s)

I set up options ndmpd.preferred_interface    vif1 on primary system so that when snapmirror is updated on seconary system the interface that will be used is vif1

primary> options ndmpd

ndmpd.access                 all

ndmpd.authtype               challenge

ndmpd.connectlog.enabled     off

ndmpd.data_port_range        all

ndmpd.enable                 on

ndmpd.ignore_ctime.enabled   off

ndmpd.offset_map.enable      on

ndmpd.password_length        16

ndmpd.preferred_interface    vif1       (value might be overwritten in takeover)

ndmpd.tcpnodelay.enable      off

Besides ,

I also set Dfm options list ndmpDataUseAllInterfaces to 0 

Option                               Value

ndmpDataUseAllInterfaces   0

My problem is while snapmirror is being updated on secondary system ,the trafic goes to interface e0a  Can you please give me some advice to solve this problem or show me how to check which interface i used while snapmirror is running ?

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Re: Interface

Assign the hostname defined in the snapmirror.conf file to your preferred interface for SnapMirror.

For Example,

In the /etc/hosts file you will see the as below:

#Auto-generated by setup Wed Mar 23 11:05:13 GST 2011 localhost     dr-fas3140a dr-fas3140a-svif

#       dr-fas3140a-e0M

#       dr-fas3140a-e2a

#       dr-fas3140a-e2b

#       dr-fas3140a-e2c

#       dr-fas3140a-e2d

On the snapmirror.conf file perform the interface level replication as below :

pr-fas3140a-svif:prod_vol dr-fas3140a-svif:pr-d_vol - 0-59/30 * * *

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Bhanoji Rao.

Re: Interface

Thank you for your advices .

I've solve my problem by running command 'dfm host set <hostname|IP adress> hostPreferredAddr1=<preferred ip>

Best regards


Re: Interface

What is wrong with the following interface?

public interface SomethingIsWrong {

    void aMethod(int aValue){

        System.out.println("Hi Mom");



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