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Is 15% dedupe savings on Oracle DB's good enough?

In a recent thread, Wayne McCormick asked a question about any potential dedupe savings on Oracle databases.  Response from Dean Brock was NetApp Engineering had run tests and observed about 15% savings but didn't think this amount of savings was all that interesting.  Any other community folks want to give their opinion on this?  How much savings is "good?"  What amount of savings would trigger you to want to run dedupe?




Re: Is 15% dedupe savings on Oracle DB's good enough?

That's a very relative question. Why not ask how long is a piece of string while you're at it.

But seriously it needs to be put in context ... 15% of what size of dataset?

15% of 5TB is certainly more significant than 15% of a few gig.

There's no denying that while de-dupe decreases storage utilization it does add a level of complexity in terms of capacity management.

It’s a trade off, so the amount saved has to be greater than the perceived "cost" of implementing the technology as well as the criticality of the use case. In my experience 25% has been enough for the optimistic crowd to have a go and 40% or more is good enough for the more conservative folks.

Of course it also depends on if the economy is in the tank and whether you actually have a budget left for next year at all.

Richard (all the happier now that OM 3.8 can manage de-dupe centrally)