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Issue Restarting OSSV Baseline

I am getting the following message when I am trying to restart an OSSV baseline backup after the OSSV client on the primary was restarted during the basline create.

SnapVault: destination transfer from IL059N01:F:\ to /vol/BranchData13/DS_BranchData13_IL059N01_F__ : source contains no new data; suspending transfer to destination.

does anyone have any idea what would cause this and a possible fix other than scrapping it and starting over?  The primary is VERY large and it was about 25% done when this happened so I would really like to avoid having to restart it.


Re: Issue Restarting OSSV Baseline


I had the same Problem, after 2 Month of testing for something that solves the Problem, i had to recreate the Relation. The Problem occurs most on Multistore Systems.

So my Tip, Setup the Realtion and save time, money and the best of all nerves


Re: Issue Restarting OSSV Baseline

Hi, I'm having this exact same problem using DFM.

Could you tell me, did you create the OSSV relationship using DFM?

Also, how (if) did you resolve this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks