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Issue with adding Disk tray from a second Filer

Hi All,

We have a 3140 running ontap 7.2 with 5 trays of 500 GB SATA disks, it woortks like a dream. I wanted to expand the trays and add a new aggregate. I took the tray of 1TB SATA disks from 2040 running ontap 7.3. I didnt zero the disks before I took the tray.

When I added the new tray... na_admin couldnt see them. I changed ownership in the cli and I can now see them in na_admin, however they are marked as broken and I can use them. When I try to unfail the disk in the advanced cli I get an errror say my filer doesnt understand RAID verion 9, only (4-8).

I dont want the data, just to wipe all labels on these disks, I know it must be feasible to use because we can see the original spare on the new tray and we can use it.

Any CLI genius on wiping these disks welcome?


Re: Issue with adding Disk tray from a second Filer

Before we move disks from a 7.3 system (even if spares) to a 7.2 system (and similarly from 8.0 to 7.3) is to download and revert_to the older release prior to moving the shelf so the RAID is compatibile.  Newer ONTAP has a newer label and it isn't understood from 7.3 to 7.2 even for just spare disks.  If you can't do revert_to on the system that owned the disks, we use a test/dev/lab system to do the revert.  The other option is to upgrade the 3140 to 7.3 to work with this shelf.

So, the only way I know to make it work 1) put the shelf on a 7.3 system that you can revert_to 7.2    2) upgrade the 3140 to 7.3.  If you decide to stay on 7.2 and remove the shelf to do a revert, remember that there is no hot shelf removal, so you need to halt the 3140 prior to removing the shelf.

Re: Issue with adding Disk tray from a second Filer

Also, zeroing would not have made a difference since the RAID version still would not match.

Re: Issue with adding Disk tray from a second Filer

Cheers - it worked like a dream, thanks for your help

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