LREP Baseline with Clustered Ontap?



does anybody know if lrep_reader and lrep_writer works with clustered Ontap 8.3?

Can you tell me where I can get it and some example commands how to export and import a volume.





Re: LREP Baseline with Clustered Ontap?

you can download LREP here:


but... it won't work for cDOT -

that's the description of LREP:

LREP is a logical replication utility that is useful for performing initial baseline (full) data transfers from a supported Open Systems SnapVault client or a SnapVault primary system onto a SnapVault secondary destination.


since Open System SnapVault doesn't exist anymore in cDOT and also the way how snapvault works changed a lot there's no way to get this up'n running for clustered.



Re: LREP Baseline with Clustered Ontap?

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so as this does not work and other things like SMTape require a real tape-drive, which I don't have how else can I do a baseline without stressing the WAN line for weeks/months?


Is it possible to do it like this:


On the secondary site with slow wan connection:

  - a volume for VMware datastore (NFS) contains a few VMs -> Copy the files inside the datastore to a USB drive

  - a volume for CIFS fileshares contains some files/folders -> Copy the files/folders to a USB drive


On the pirmary site:

  - create two volumes for SnapVault relation with the same size as the source (secondary site)

  - then import all the files / folders to the volumes from the USB drive


Can I use that data then to initialize SnapVault or is this data not "valid" and needs to be fully overwritten by SnapVault process?





Re: LREP Baseline with Clustered Ontap?

what you're asking for is something similiar to snapmirror to tape

there's a way to use smtape without tape-drive - check it out:


i used it with 7-mode systems - not quite sure this still works with cDot


for your requirements i actually don't have a clue how to get this done - haven't had this issue for cDOT yet.




Re: LREP Baseline with Clustered Ontap?

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Yeah I saw this one before, but the command asks for a attached tape as destination (on clustered ontap) :-(



Re: LREP Baseline with Clustered Ontap?

Look at options available in diag mode. As usual, you are strongly advised to consult with NetApp before using any diag level commands.