LREP_Reader - USB disappears never to return.

I'm curious if anyone else has faced this issue... We are running a lrep_reader process from a 7.3.2 on two separate hosts with two separate volumes. Doing this process across multiple usb devices all USB 2.0. Ran a quick test and then canceled to verify the data was being written. Once I canceled the command the system lost the usb device (Drive letter disappeared). Doesn't show up in device manager or storage management even after a reboot, drive is completely gone... Had the same issue when lrep_reader had an error on a different volume, and different host. Has anyone seen this behavior? Am I missing something?

details are DOT 7.3.2, Windows server 2008 as host, and lrep 2.0 for win

Thanks in advance

Re: LREP_Reader - USB disappears never to return.

I don't know if this caused your problems, but LREP is not supported for windows 2008.