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LREP with VSM vs. QSM options

First let me thank anyone in advance for their feedback this solution has be a bit perplexed. I have been pulled into something that was sold but clearly not architected prior...

We have FAS2050A's one in MI, one in MA and only a 4.5MB pipe between the two locations. We have two data sets that are supposed to be mirrored for DR purposes, both of these are 1.5TB in size. These are both LUN's dedicated to IBM's TSM servers. Neither of the devices can be shipped as they are being used for other production data. There is no Tape devices at either location so SM2T isn't an option. The data sets have both been built for VSM. Reading around I have seen LREP is an option for QSM but not VSM so here's my question...

Does anyone have either a crazy idea, or a way to migrate the Volume into a Qtree so I can setup QSM and LREP the data sets to USB?

Or could I license SV with LREP and utilize it to create the baseline SM relationship?


Re: LREP with VSM vs. QSM options

I'll need to know the volume layout before proposing any solution. So what does the volume look like with respect to qtrees currently? Where are the LUNs in the volume currently?

-- Adam Fox

Re: LREP with VSM vs. QSM options

Simple Volume defined with 1 lun per volume, the TSM server is a windows 2008 server connecting via iSCSI. No qtrees used or defined (yet)







Re: LREP with VSM vs. QSM options

Ok then it's possible to have a QSM relationship and thus use lrep. You can mirror the default qtree to an non-default qtree via QSM. The name of the default qtree is -. So you mirror /vol//qtree. Note the dest. cannot be - since - always exists and destination qtrees cannot pre-exist. Note that the snapmirror relationship will have to be QSM going forward if using lrep.

Hope this helps.

-- Adam Fox

Re: LREP with VSM vs. QSM options

In the primary Site vol/qtree that is backed up to a USB extrnal drive. Use this command to back it up based on reading documentation;

lrep_reader.exe -f SAN01 -q /vol/TCS_TCL -o F:\sv_init@0 ILCHIFSV03Smiley Very Happy:\

(secondary filer is SAN01) it backed up the volume and qtree, ex. files named sv_init at 1 gig chunks on my USB drive.

Now transfer the USB drive to your secondary location (SAN01). Use lrep_writer to move the data over to this filer.

I execute this command on a workstation with lrep_writer;

lrep_writer.exe -p snapvault_start -O D:\sv_init

lrep_writer: Will read 258 files from prefix d:\sv_init

Error in socket (inet6) : 10047

                           **********************Waiting for connection (inet)**********************

Use snapvault start command on secondary to create a relationship

now go to the secondary filer and try to create the relationship by:

snapvault start -S laptopSmiley Very Happy:\sv_init /vol/TCS_TCL/TCS_TCL retail for example

Please advise if you need more clarity

Re: LREP with VSM vs. QSM options

have you ever used lrep before?

this post looks a lot like my post even down to the syntax and completely irrelevant to the question asked here.

Re: LREP with VSM vs. QSM options

Lrep is a OSSV tool only to be used with Snapvault, you cannot use with volume snapmirror.

so you cannot really use this solution to transfer your 1.5TB lun easily.

Is there currently a snapmirror between the 2 filers?

What may be a possibility is moving the lun into a qtree, and then using lrep to dump the qtree onto a 2TB USB Drive and ship it to your secondary dr filer where you maybe able to restore it.

I had a similar situation.

I have a filer in chicago and a dr filer in nj.

1 TB qtree which i transfered to a usb drive and shipped to my dr location.

transfered it over to my dr location (with a lot of trouble mind you, long story)

changed the relationship between secondary filer/usb drive and primary filer... and im still stuck on an error now that the primary filer tells the secondary the snap is not there.

I have a case open with Netapp, and let me tell you know the LREP support is so limited that many of the folks i spoke with dont know anything about it.

Im having my case escalated to somebody thats really saavy in snapvault and knows the ins and out of it.

I will post my findings as soon as I get it working

Re: LREP with VSM vs. QSM options

LREP as a snapmirror_init mode to do snapmirror baselines. I used it a  couple of week ago and it works well. I used it to mirror qtrees, I  didn't test it with volumes.

There is a good article on now that you can find with the following keywords: lrep snapmirror

The lrep_reader command I used to copy my qtree to usb disk looks like this:

lrep_reader.exe   -p snapmirror_init -f dest_filer -q /vol/dest_vol/dest_qtree -O -o   E:\path\data@0 src_filer:/vol/src_vol/src_qtree

With  VSM you have another possibility called SnapMirror to tape (snapmiror  store, snapmirror retrieve commands)  but you need a drive a fc or sas  tape drive depending on which ports are available on your storage  system.

Re: LREP with VSM vs. QSM options

ok    the bottom  line is that lrep is only used with qtrees and cannot be used on the volume level. to accomplish a qtree level baseline you use lrep. with snapmirror you can do snapmirror to tape to do a baseline seed.

ince you seeded yourqt you use snapvault. in this case the lun should be moved to the  qt, thensv to sync the difference.

Re: LREP with VSM vs. QSM options


lrep_reader is working in my test scenario and it is exporting the volume.

Do you remember how to use the lrep_writer command?

Thanks in advance