LUN Move on a SnapVault Destination Volume

Can anyone answer this question from a customer?

Environment is all FCP running SnapVault.

"I just have a question.. say if my source volume (being a snapvault secondary volume/qtree) has multiple LUNs and I just want one.. could I create another qtree say "temp_qtree" issue a lun move to just get the one I want.. then ndmpcopy it...  then move it back. Will this work and if so are there any side effects with snapvault?

I assume it may have an issue should an update attempt be made. I mean it may try copy back the entire LUN from primary or could have other issues.  Is that correct?"

Re: LUN Move on a SnapVault Destination Volume

A snapvault destinations is readonly, therefore moving a lun will not work. What will work is creating a clone of the lun with the "lun clone create" command (no extra licenses required):

1. Create a qtree in the same snapvault destinations volume the original lun is in.

2. Create a clone of the lun in the new qtree:

lun clone create /vol/<sv dest volume>/<new qtree>/<lun> -o noreserve -b /vol/<sv dest volume>/<sv dest qtree>/<lun> <snapshot name>

3. Use ndmpcopy on the clone.

4. Destroy lun clone.

Snapvault updates will work while the clone exists. Only note that the clone will exist in any future snapshots and that snapshots will get locked.