LUN Space not displayed properly on GUI

Hi All,

Recently I have resized a LUN on the filer GUI from 500GB to 750GB. On the host , After the rescan on the windows disk manager I expanded the drive and now i am able to see the 250GB extra free space under my computer.

The issue what I am facing is, for the same lun the filer GUI shows the free space as only 70GB. I dont know  the reason for this discrepancy. Do u have any idea what could be the reason. I am using Iscsi.

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Re: LUN Space not displayed properly on GUI

The filer GUI cannot show you the free space in a LUN, this is determined by the Filesystem on the host using the LUN.

I assume you mena the free space in the volume the LUN is located in. This is a calculation made fo "size of volume" - "snapshot reserve" - "LUN size" = free space...