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LUN mapped as RDM in VM not accessible


I have the following situation:

Snapmanager SQL snapshot restored to another LUN attached to physical Windows machine.

When I unmap the LUN from the physical host and map it to another iGroup (VMware hosts)....and then add it as RDM to a virtual machine....

....I can see the LUN in the virtual machine (online in Windows disk management)....but when I try to open it....I can an access denied....

Am I overlooking something....this should work ?!?!

Thanks for your help in advance!!

Kind regards,



Re: LUN mapped as RDM in VM not accessible

IMHO it should work, I have done this in the past though not with SQL data. If it shows in windows disk man then the mapping is correct or the permissions error would be something else entirely.

It sounds like the permissions on the volume were rewritten at some point in the past on the original host and when that data is presented to an alternate host you are denied access.

Just an idea, can you re-present the lun to the original igroup, then mount it to the original host with an unused drive letter and inspect the permissions at the root of that disk?

To me it seems to be an issue that is entirely Windows related and not anything to do with the RDM.