LUN offline - Due to Disk full

My one of the Volumen is get full, now LUN Driver is missing

Please find the details.

/vol/mbs_sql_snap/qt_mbs_sql_snap/mbs_sql_snap.lun   70.0g (75162608640)   (r/w, offline, mapped)

  Comment: "snapinfo lun for SQL backup"

  Serial#: BABUE$CNafiD

  Share: none

  Space Reservation: enabled (not honored by containing Aggregate)

  Multiprotocol Type: windows_2008

  Maps: sql_dbsrv=2

  Occupied Size:   68.3g (73352925184) 

  Creation Time: Tue Jun  5 10:51:58 GST 2012

  Alignment: misaligned

  Cluster Shared Volume Information: 0x0

  Space_alloc: disabled

Re: LUN offline - Due to Disk full

Try to increase the size of the containing volume (if there is any free space left in the aggregate) & then try to online the LUN.

Re: LUN offline - Due to Disk full

The LUN has gone offline due to the containing volume filling up.  If this LUN was built to best practices then there will only be this single LUN inside the volume, which means that the only thing that can fill the volume up are either snapshots (or a combination of overwrites which blow out the snapshots).  As Radek says, you can resize the volume if there is room in the containing aggregate or if there is no room you can identify snapshots which the customer is willing to delete and then (only if they agree) delete them to free up space.  You can then bring the LUN online.

This LUN, which I see is the SnapInfo LUN does not usually fill up so I would check a few things.  Ensure scheduled snapshots are disabled for all LUN volumes on the controller.  Only SnapManager should be scheduling Snapshots.

Also, reading the following article, which is very useful:

Re: LUN offline - Due to Disk full

Thanks to all ur reply

Please confirm, Any  LUN Driver gets full ,it will get disconnect from Server or not?

for above issue now its conneted with server , so problem solved

But find the belwo snap from System Manager

Same Driver While check in Server its shows differnent Size