Licenses for Snap Manager for VI

Is a snaprestore license needed for Snap Manager for VI. Are there any other licenses needed?

Re: Licenses for Snap Manager for VI

SnapRestore is required per the download page.  You would also need SnapMirror if you plan to replicate to a DR site (but don't if not replicating).

Data ONTAP® requirements

SMVI requires that your storage systems on which reside the datastore or virtual machine images run the Data ONTAP software. These storage systems can be either Data ONTAP physical storage systems or vFiler units. Physical storage systems require Data ONTAP 7.2 or later, and the SnapRestore® feature. vFiler units require Data ONTAP 7.2.4 or later, and the SnapRestore feature. To use the restore feature for deduplicated (dense) NFS volumes, Data ONTAP 7.3.1P1D8 is recommended.

Re: Licenses for Snap Manager for VI

Ditto on the SnapRestore requirement -- also noted on page 15 of the manual. SnapMirror is optional.....but obviously required if you want to use it.

The one thing I have run across is that if you're using VMFS datastores (iSCSI,FC) when you do a test mount (part of the restore process) it uses LUN clone. If you're using NFS datastores, it uses FlexClone (and will balk if you don't have FlexClone licensed). It's not a huge practical deal as if you're using NFS you can just mount the vmdk out of the .snapshot directory...but can be confusing.

Also, be careful about renaming VM's when using SMVI...can cause issues with restores.