Limitations in restore GUI


A question about restore GUI in NMC.

I was asked by a end user to restore a couple of files from my secondary controller.

Protection policy is regular SnapVault.

Now here´s to the strange part.

When I click through the Restore GUI there seems to be a limitation of number of files shown from the snapshot?!?!?

The user was certain that the files was present at the time I was browsing, but the files didn´t show.

They had A LOT of files in that folder.. aprox 450.000.

I noticed that a whole batch of simular files where missing, so I mounted the snapshot instead and browsed it from my management server.

Then I could find the files.

So is there a limitation in the Restore GUI on how many files it can list?

// Henrik

Re: Limitations in restore GUI

  is this one that your team handles or should the question be asked in the NetApp Support Community?

Re: Limitations in restore GUI

Hi Hendrik,

      Can you give us more details as to what version of DFM are you using ? BTW going forward, can you post all OnCommand related queries in the following communites instead ?

OnCommand Mgmt Software



Re: Limitations in restore GUI

DFM = 5.0D1

(Sorry about wrong section)