Lingering traces of broken mirrors

I have a snapmirror which has been properly broken off, but traces remain. By properly broken off, we removed the entry from snapmirror.conf, and did a snapmirror quiesce and break on the former target. The target volume was then deleted.

However, if one does a snapmirror status on the original host, the source volume still shows as being mirrored to the target. Any suggestions on how to get rid of that?

In case it matters, the situation was a bit more complex - we had a cascade of mirrors, eg,

  filers1:volname1 -> filer2:volname2 -> filer1:volname3

volname3 was quiesced, broken, and deleted. On filer1, volname3 no longer appears in 'snapmirror status.' On filer2, 'snapmirror status' still shows filer2:volname2 being mirrored to filer1:volname3.

None of this affects any production work, but it'd be nice to have the status correctly reflect the change.

Re: Lingering traces of broken mirrors

Have you removed base snapshots left by snapmirror?