Load balancing for SAS shelves?

I noticed that for SAS shelves load balancing is done per-shelf, as opposed to per-disk for DS14 (i.e. all disks in one shelf are shown as having the same primary port). Just wanted to confirm - is it by design? This is with 8.0.2P6 7-Mode.

Re: Load balancing for SAS shelves?

I haven't looked to see but usually just look to see that there are two separate paths.  I'll take a look closer on the next install or head swap with both types of shelves.  With both paths active it might just be a reporting thing but maybe Jay can post on here how it is handled is storage show disk -p. 

I also noticed yesterday also that disk assign -n 12 with a SAS shelf will assign 2 drives next to each other at a time (1-2, 5-6, 9-10, etc) instead of 12 contiguous drives (1-12).