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Logfiles empty

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after Upgrade to Ontap 8.2.3. one file in my HA-Pair (FAS 2240) sends no logfiles. The messages in /etc/messages are empty. How can i activte this?


the entry in  /etc/syslog.conf




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i configure the entry manuel with system manger. but i dont unterstand why they not logged the messages after update.

Re: Logfiles empty

Hi Stefan,

the syslog.conf file should look similar to this:


# Sample syslog.conf file.  Copy to /etc/syslog.conf to use.

# You must use TABS for separators between fields.


# Log messages of priority info or higher to the console and to /etc/messages

*.info                  /dev/console

*.info                  /etc/messages


# Edit and uncomment following line to log all messages of priority

# err or higher and all kernel messages to a remote host, e.g. adminhost

# *.err;kern.*                          @adminhost


Would it be possible to update the file with this information? The syslog daemon will automatically restart shortly after you edited the file.


Could you please also PM me the systems' host name or serial number so I can take a look at the autosupport information?


Best regards,


Re: Logfiles empty

Hi Dirk,


thank you for the solution. That works.