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Login to different igroup

Hi Team,


I am very new to storage technologies


we have FAS3140 and NetApp Release 8.0.4 7-Mode It has two controllers.


I have created Lun, Iguroup and mapped lun to created igroup


igroup1_I (iSCSI) (ostype: linux): (not logged in)


/vol/boot/lun212              20g (21474836480)   (r/w, online, mapped)


when i tried login from linux initiator to above igroup it is log in to different i group that is in another controller


filer-4> iscsi show initiator
iscsi show initiator: This command has been deprecated.
Please consider using 'iscsi initiator show' instead.

Initiators connected:
  TSIH  TPGroup  Initiator/ISID/IGroup
   350    1004 ( / 00:02:3d:04:00:00 / )


filer-4> iscsi nodename
iSCSI target nodename:


Please help us to fix this issue. I dont know if you are understand my problem in case not please let me know what detail i need to provide.