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Lost Communication to Primary Filers

Greetings All,


Have a serious problem, and I will try to first give the facts:



Version 8.2.3 7-Mode


We lost communication with both primary filers yesterday.  It looks as if there is a authentication problem.  I am unable to log on with my elevated account, but I can log on with a local account.  If a customer reboots, they will lose connection.


Strange, I can access the DR filers with no issues...


I have rebooted the filers this morning, still unable to access the filers with elevated account via SecureCRT and NetApp OnCommand.


All protocols, CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, and FC/FCoE are enabled.


NOTE: In the CIFS windows, I have clicked on the Options TAB and went to Access Security.  The Enable SMB is NOT checked.


I am now receiving a email from the primary filers stating Configuration Error with the following link


We do not have NetApp support at this time due to a lapse in the contract.  We will finally get support in the next two weeks when they upgrade our systems.


So, does anyone have an idea what is wrong and how I can fix this?


Re: Lost Communication to Primary Filers

The first question I would have is are you having client access issues?


And when you say you can't connect to filer, are you SSH'ing into filer with your domain account?  

Re: Lost Communication to Primary Filers

First, thanks for the quick reply.


To answer your questions, the only problem that the clients are having is that they cannot connect to the filers to get their data.


As to SSH'ing, I can do that with a local account, but not the AD account



Re: Lost Communication to Primary Filers

Ok, make sure your Date on the filer is within 5 minutes of the domain


Then check 


cifs domaininfo see if you have connected DC's.



Re: Lost Communication to Primary Filers

Good infor.


Typed it in and it is showing me that the PDCBROKEN for all three DNS's


First decent information so far.  Now, how to fix

Re: Lost Communication to Primary Filers

if your time is within 5 minutes you need to type


cifs resetdc


if that doesn't work, you need to check the AD account to see if the machine account is messed up.



and your max skew should be set at 2m

Re: Lost Communication to Primary Filers

IN AD, the filer names are present and accessible.


As to the max skew, how do I check that and also fix it?

Re: Lost Communication to Primary Filers

options timed.max_skew


Did you do the resetdc

Re: Lost Communication to Primary Filers

Sorry for the delay, director was here.


As to the skew, it is at 30s


For the reset of the dc's, unless you have them available, I am googling it now

Re: Lost Communication to Primary Filers

Did you apply the patch  ?  latest SMB1 disable patch on windows 2008 or higher server

There is a option you have to enable,  its explicit options,  we had the same issue


options cifs.smb2.client.enable on


and do cifs dctest or resetdc


first wait few min and check if it picks up automatically