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Lost license



Yesterday we started to back to fabric default our old FAS2040 however, on the first controller i forgot to backup the license codes. On the second controller i backed  up but i don't know it they are the same codes than first one.


Also we recenty bought two netapp FAS 2240 w/ two controllers each one, and we asked to netapp support to merge the old account with the new one.


However the old netapp disappeared from and now i can't recover license codes, only appears both FAS2240.


Any idea?.


Thanks in advance.



Re: Lost license



You can use the same licenses of the second controller in the primary controller through of the license add command. Go ahead to apply licenses and after this see licenses by the license command.

It´s work fine.



Re: Lost license

Thank you


But if I install the same license on both controllers and my objective is to configure them in HA Pair 7-mod, it may run into some problems when it detects that the same license is on both controllers, isn't it?



Re: Lost license



I already had this same problem and applied the same licenses in both Storages and then I enabled the cluster (cf enable) and no had problem with takeover / giveback commands.
Another solution would you find in your emails an old AutoSupport containing data on licenses.



Re: Lost license



My name is Chris from Germany!


We use for technical videosupport a FAS2040 with one DS14. After a factory reset, the licensekey for ISCSI is lost.

Is there any chance  to recover it?

With an E2700 we have not this problem...



Best regards