Lrep_reader Transfer started but nothing happens! 0KB

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I got a VMWare server Windows Server 2008 RC2 x64 bit, this is our new FileServer.

I need to copy the snapvault with a USB disk to our main office.

On a laptop i copied the lrep_reader.exe and i attached a usb-disk.

I used the following command to start the transfer:

lrep_reader -p snapvault_start -f NLSS000001 -q sv_nlsv000106/D_Data -o F:\svdata\sv_nlsv000106_init@0 nlsv000106Smiley Very Happy:\Data

I got the message Transfer Started

Use snapvault status on source to monitor progress.

There is also 1 file created on the usb-disk but it is 0 KB.

And when i check on the source server,  i'll see in the snapvault status: Transfering but it stays on 0 KB, nothing happening!

On the Source OSSV Client i disabled the Check QSM Access List, also i tried to enabled it and added the source server host name and the laptop hostname.

But it didn't help.

Could someone give me tips, or maybe someone knows what i forgot to do ?

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Re: Lrep_reader Transfer started but nothing happens! 0KB


It takes some time before the data will start transferring because each file will be checked first.