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Lun move to vFiler

Hi community,

i got a few questions, i am new to vFiler's. I got a test environment.

I wanna build up vFilerDR in a workin exchange environment.

At the moment the LUN's for my Exchange-DB's are running on a simple Volume.

I searched for about a day to find some informations how best-practise for this case.

I thought i can easily move the Vol/Lun to a vfiler on the productive Filer, then creat a vfiler on the new filer for vFilerDR-concept and thats it.

Whats the beste Way to realize that?

When i take the LUN's offline while i wanna move the volume to my vFiler it says:

"Operation not allowed as there are mapped luns in the volume of the vfiler"

Re: Lun move to vFiler

You have to remove all shares, exports and lun maps before moving a volume to a vfiler. So you need to lun unmap, move the volume to the vfiler, then create the igroup in the vfiler then lun map again.  Also only iSCSI is allowed in vFilers, so if FCP you will not be able to mount the lun in the vFiler.

Once in the prodution vFiler, you can run vfiler dr configure to create the dr vfiler and mirrors... if mirrors already exist run with the -u flag and the dr vfiler will be created from the vfiler dr configure wizard.

Re: Lun move to vFiler

So a one time outage to move resources from vfiler0 into a vFiler.

Re: Lun move to vFiler

Thanks for the advices, i will try and give a feedback.

I already got only iSCSI running.