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Lun moving


With my first installation I made a little error...

I have created 2 lun on the same volume.

Now i m using snapmiror for replication and I need only to replicate one lun.

As I know replication is done on volume level

1/ how can I move a lun from a vol to another to be able juste to replicate a single lun ( i don't have enough space on dr site)

2/ after replication is done will I be able to find a lun inside the replicated /restricted volume so i can map it to a server and check consistency?


Re: Lun moving


Try a lun clone to a different volume, once the clone is done, do a split.Once the split is complete delete the old lun.


Re: Lun moving

to do a clone I need a snap on the first storage and i don t have enough space

is it possible to move from vol to qtree and then use qtree mirror which will allow me to select lun to be replicated?.

Re: Lun moving

Yes you can.Even qtree snapmirror will use the snapshot technology

Re: Lun moving

If you do not have space for snapshot, how can you do snapmirror?

In any case, you can't clone LUN to different volume. You can create FlexClone of volume itself, delete unneeded LUNs in each and then split. To finally free space you will need to remove snapshots with deleted LUNs. You will need flexclone license for it.

But as already answered, you can move LUN into qtree and use QSM. This won't give you more space in volume though; snapshot is done on volume level anyway.