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Mac OS Clients and SMB2 SMB3


For Mac OS clients, what is the default negotiated SMB version with CDOT 8.3 when both SMB2 and SNMB3 are enabled on the storage? Clients range from Mac Os 10.9.5 to the latest version.


Re: Mac OS Clients and SMB2 SMB3

The Negotiated SMB version would be the highest version supported by both Client and the Storage controller. Some clients may not support some protocols, and in some storage controllers some protocols are disabled by default.


Please see this KB article :


Also, you may visit the IMT at  to know more about the compatibility between different OS types and protocols. A sample screenshot is attached.

Here, you can see that MAC OS 10.9.5 does not support SMB 3.0 on ONTAP 8.3. You may check other versions here too.

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