Managing backups at our DR location

We currently are doing Oracle backups using SnapCreator Framework.   These backups are being sent to our DR site or a WAN link using SnapMirror and our being backed up using snapvault to a local filer.  

Soon we will be installing a filer at the DR site to keep a copy of our backups offsite.   Our desire is to set things up so that the data will only traverse the WAN link once.

What we have in mind is something like this:

As there is no policy that does this, our idea is to create a new dataset that contains the destination volume for each of our oracle volumes and use something like the "Backup" policy to do the snapvault to our DR backup filer.

To restate we would:

1.  Do a backup using SnapCreator Framework

2.  SnapMirror to the WAN site

3.  SnapVault to the local Backup filer

4.  A separate policy and dataset would then backup from the DR side of the snapmirror to the DR backup filer using snapvault.

The questions I have is this best practice?   Is this what we should do?   Is there a better way?  Is there something we should be aware of that will bite us?

Re: Managing backups at our DR location

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