Manual Deduplication

Hi All,

I have configured two LUNS in the same volume, each one of these LUNS are mounted on two Windows Hosts respectively, both are thin provisioned and have identical data (gets replicated to each other).

I enabled Dedup on the volume and did a FULL Manual Dedup run ; it saved 50% of storage space - Thats good for us ; as this was a manual dedup run and nothing is scheduled ; after a couple of days I noticed that it's showing a SPACE Saving of 60% ? even though the last dedup run was the same day / time I had executed it ?

Q : How is this working ? is it deduping as data comes in ? I haven't checked the AUTO setting.

Would be grateful to understand this better...


Re: Manual Deduplication

The default dedupe schedule is daily at midnight.  You're 100% certain it's not running each night?

Note: this is different from auto, which takes measurements of duplicate blocks and runs after it passes a certain threshold.