Many commands vs impact on filer


I'm writing a script, that will analyse situation on the filer, but in order to analyse the script sends about 15 commands to the filer - to gain the necessary infomation.

Commands being send  to the filer

  • df
  • aggr show_space
  • vfiler status -r

and for each vfiler on filer:

  • rdfile ..../etc/quota
  • exportfs
  • lun show

In example, when I'm analyzing filer with 5 vfilers I will send
3 x 1 + 5 x 3 = 18 commands in.. pretty short time

and I'm wondering if sending (about) 18 commands in short time can make an impact on the filer that will actually be harmful to the system? Should I create in script "few seconds pause" before each command?

Re: Many commands vs impact on filer

Hey Tomasz,

This should have very little impact on the filer.

I also wanted to point there is a "config dump configs.cfg" command that will backup all configuration information to a backup file in /etc/configs (this has a lot of information you are trying to capture in 1 command)