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Max number of Snapshots

can someone tell me what the max number of snapshots can be, I'm finding two conflicting numbers, can you also point me to the documentation that proves it.

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Re: Max number of Snapshots

And for the docs...

You can store up to 255 Snapshot copies at one time on each volume.

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Some documentaiton states 251 snapshots for SnapVault and 252 snapshots for SyncMirror since there are snapshots reserved out of the 255 max total per flexvol for those processes.  Also, the online data protection guide shows how to use FlexClone to create more than 255 snapshots (clone 255 for example, the start snapshots new on the clone volume so no additional overhead).  I don't know who would need over 255, but if a checkbox or something required for demo, you could have more than 255 snapshots by using flexclone to create a new clone volume when the source of the clone reaches 255.