Maximum number of IP alias per vlan/physical interface ?


I have a vif (ifgrp) of 2 physical interfaces e0a and e0b, in single_mode, called e0vif

I created some vlan on this vif, e0vif-2000, e0vif-2001,e0vif,2002.....

Each vlan interface are dedicated, with ipspace, to different vfiler.

I need more than one IP per vfiler, so I'm using IP alias

I created 2 or 3 IP alias per vlan interface and I can ping my vFiler with all the IP, so all work fine :-)

My question: What is the maximum number of IP alias that I can create per vlan-interface, or physical interface (I think the limitation is the same for physical or vlan interface) ?



Re: Maximum number of IP alias per vlan/physical interface ?


There is no imposed limit for IP aliases per storage controller.  We have internally tested configurations with hundreds of IP aliases, but never with thousands. The risk is to performance so this configuration should be validated in a test lab or POC before deployment into production environment.

Hope that helps.