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Measuring IOPs

I'm looking to consolidate several Filers but in order to do this require to measure the IOPs over a period of time ideally per aggregate.

How would I do this say every 5 minutes and could this be written to a file to review later?


Measuring IOPs

remember to measure IOPs, block size, read/write ratio, sequential, random, working set size.

IOPS without these information is only a number without meaning.

Re: Measuring IOPs

have you tried Performance Advisor?

Re: Measuring IOPs

stats show can give you extremely detailed information. The only issue I have had is it wants to be run interactively.

You want to know IOPS but that alone does not tell you everything. Reads/writes, if the data is sequential and how well you are caching the data is also relevant. Things like FlashCache can greatly improve read performance & save you a lot of resources if the workload is appropriate.