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Message: secd.dc.out.of.pipe.instances

Has anyone seen this error?

We are getting these from mulitple clusters at different locations.

All errors point to the same DC.  Spoke with AD team and they noticed hight CPU during the day and also saw a Access Denied error associated with the account (CIFSservername$), the name with a $ sign at end. 


We have started getting this error: Message: secd.dc.out.of.pipe.instances: MSRPC for Vserver name to DC name:\netlogon was retried 968 times (delay: 1081793 usecs).


Description: This message occurs when the Windows Domain Controller (DC), while responding to an MSRPC request from Data ONTAP(R), returns an error indicating that it ran out of pipe instances in the listening state. This can happen when the requests from Data ONTAP are received by the DC during a timing window when the limited number of listening pipe instance are already allocated to other requests. Such errors received by Data ONTAP might result in longer CIFS/NFS authentication and/or access times, potentially resulting in CIFS/NFS client timeouts.


Re: Message: secd.dc.out.of.pipe.instances

This error is seeing because of limitation of open pipes on DC. In this error message its netlogin pipe which is getting refused from DC.

This is happening because DC ran out of pipe instances in the listening state for that specific time.

Please check with MS support for possible workarounds.

One workaround is to add more DC but not sure if newly added DCs will be able to handle all calls.

FYI:  NetApp artcle describes about the error

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