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Metro Cluster SATA Drives


I have noticed on the now site MetroCluster Compatibility Matrix that it states SATA drives are not supported.

Is this really the case with a Metro Cluster?

Is this the same for a V Series Metro Cluster?




Re: Metro Cluster SATA Drives

Hi Steve

Yes, with Metros SATA is a no-go. Metro clusters are FC only.

Unfortunately I don't know about V-Series, this COULD work out; I presume your friendly NetApp consultant will be happy to answer this question.



Re: Metro Cluster SATA Drives


SATA Drive are not supported in Fabric MetroCluser (Use FC Switches in the Backend).

SATA Drivers are supported in Streched MetroCluster configurations. SATA Drieves are supported as normal Aggegate and as SyncMirror Aggregate. If you plan to attech SATA Drives only to one MetroCluster Node, note that in pre ONTAP 7.3 your Filer reboots in case on Cluster Failover.

Re: Metro Cluster SATA Drives


A Fabric MetroCluster is using Brocade switches in the backend. On those switches are the HBA and FC shelves connected. Only FC is listed in the compatibility matrix.

But can you attach a SATA shelf to a HBA and use it locally? So you can create an aggregate on those disks. These disks aren't mirrored via syncmirror, but maybe with snapmirror/snapvault...

NetApp is now working to FC/SAS bridge. And I thought/heard that if the bridge works that they would support SAS disks/shelves in the MetroClusters.

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Re: Metro Cluster SATA Drives

so is it possible to make a streched metrocluster on a combination of sata and fc. 

in this way.

datacenter 1

node1 with sata disk(pool0) 

node2's pool1 fc disks.


node2 with FC disks (pool0)

node1's pool1 sata disks.

Re: Metro Cluster SATA Drives

I have a metrocluster installed at a customer with 1TB SATA drives in!...

As long as they are installed in DS14 shelves they should be fine…no current support for the DS42 and DS22 SAS shelves as yet…

Hope that help