MetroCluster Troubleshooting Guide

Hi All,

Does anyone have, or know the whereabouts of a Stretch/ Fabric MetroCluster troubleshooting guide? Basically what i'm looking for is a list of the most common metrocluster faults/ issues and an associated troubleshooting path for each issue.

Any info will be greatly appreciated.



Re: MetroCluster Troubleshooting Guide


If you have a NetApp SSO account login you can check to see if one of these documents have the answer.

or use the new Search on the NetApp Support Site


Re: MetroCluster Troubleshooting Guide

Hello there is Technical Report for Metro Cluster Best Practices and Design.  This report contains troubleshooting recommendations.  Please check to see if you have access to it.  You will need to use your NetApp Login account the Technical Report 3548.  If you are unable to reach this document please open a case with NetApp Support if you have entitlements and we can assist with problem resolution.