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Metrocluster Controller FC Initiators ports


I have a Fabric Metrocluster installation.

In metrocluster switches (brocade 300), the initiator ports of the controllers appear as L-PORT, and in portcfgshow, the ports appears as L-Locked Port.

Is this configuration ok? Or the ports may appear as F-PORT?


Re: Metrocluster Controller FC Initiators ports

I auto answer me

The ports must be configured without autonegotiation, and with this parameters:

Port 0: ISL. E-Port.

Port 1 and 2: Controller FC Initiator Ports. Set as F-Port

Port 3: FREE

Port 4: FC-VI. F-Port

Port 5: FibreBridge. F-Port, and G-Locked Port

This configuration is working for me!