Metrocluster with database on LUNS


I am very familar with Metrocluster in the CIFS space, just not so much using block devices, i.e LUNS.

Can anyone share their experience using a geographically dispersed Metrocluster with either Microsoft Windows Cluster or Oracle RAC, or any other for that matter?

In this type of configuration if the primary node dies, does the failover node have immediate access to the LUNS or is there manual intervention involved?

Can Metrocluster perform the same functionality of a locally attached cluster using share disks, or does its syncronous nature make things operate differently in a cluster scenario?

Does Metrocluster work with iSCSI as well as FC?

Thanks for any feedback.

Re: Metrocluster with database on LUNS

Metro Cluster should act in the same way as a standard Local cluster in the event of controller failure. The only time manual intervention is required is if an entire site fails. In this situation manual intervention is required because how can the remaining site know if its just a comms issue between sites or if the site trully has gone down.

As for LUN based access... again treat it the same as a standard local cluster. Just be aware of the FCP path misconfigured messages that you might see as these are more of an issue in Metro cluster.

Having luns transverse the v-tic in a metro cluster is more of a problem than standard local clusters.