Microsoft initiated ISCSI LUNS snapshot-SMVI

Hi All,

As  per SMVI(Snap Manager for Virtual Infrastruture) documentation its been  confirmed that Vmware & NetApp do not support taking snapshot of  Microsoft initaited ISCSI Luns.

I would like to know how to  overcome this issue. Is there any alternative way we can take the VM  consistant snapshot of Microsoft initaited ISCSI Luns.?



Re: Microsoft initiated ISCSI LUNS snapshot-SMVI

Are you trying to use SMVI for this still, or any other way?

You could use Ontap snapshots but they cant guarantee data consistency the way SMVI will. This is because

SMVI get vcenter to quiesce filesystem before taking a snapshot. That will not happen if you take an Ontap

snapshot though. So this is more risky and might not even work. So why bother?